VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – WorkSafeBC says 190 people were killed on the job last year and that comes as two construction workers were killed in just two days in the lower mainland.

So how is the BC Construction Association reacting to these numbers?

President and CEO Manley McLachlan says it is heartbreaking especially when deaths like these could have been prevented.

“People who are on the tools, they are given training that enables them to recognize an unsafe condition and also empowers them to know when they can stand up and say ‘wait a minute, something is not right here…I won’t do it.”

He says more construction work always equals more potential for disaster.

“What I think we also need to look at is how many new people have been involved in safety training, and what is the uptake of that safety training. I think if you look at those stats over the last few years you would see that there has been a rapid increase in that training as well.”

Last year over 141,000 workers were also hurt on the job, in 2010 over 136,000 were injured and 185 were killed.