VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Fundraising efforts for a scholarship to remember the victim of a hang gliding accident near Agassiz have, so far, netted $30,000.  Friends of 27-year-old Lenami Godinez-Avila are three quarters of the way to their goal.

Katherine Louman-Gardiner says once they reach $40,000, interest from the donations would generate about $1,600 a year.  That’s enough to cover the cost of one course for an international student at Simon Fraser University.

“She hadn’t discovered her own passion until after she left university.  So, she wanted to make it possible for students to explore in school and to take extra classes and really find what it is that they’re passionate about earlier on.”

Louman-Gardiner adds it’s something Godinez-Avila had always wanted to set up. 

“She was selfless enough to want to do this and we’re carrying it on in her honour.  I think it’s inspiring for a lot of people to think there are people out there whose goal is to help and serve others.”

Godinez-Avila was killed when she fell while hang gliding in April. 

William Jonathan Orders, the pilot of the ill-fated tandem flight, has been charged with obstruction of justice for swallowing the memory card of a video camera that was taping the flight.  He has apologized to her family.  His trial is scheduled for 2013.