CRANBROOK (NEWS1130) – After nearly 24 hours, crews have finally cleared the mud and debris from a road trapping almost 500 campers at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort north of Cranbrook in the east Kootenays. 

Luckily, everyone is fine, but many were separated from their families last night.  A lot of moms, for example, were relaxing in the hot springs while many dads and kids were back at the resort.  Marke Dickson with the resort says it was actually nearby lifeguards that noticed discolouration in the water and were able to warn everyone to get to higher ground. 

“Part [of them were] on the southern bank of the canyon and the resort and the community of Fairmont Hot Springs on the northern side.  Of course, it shot out of the canyon and fanned across and down across the Columbia River.”

Most guests were from BC and Alberta.  “A spread of folks from all over, a lot of people from Edmonton and Calgary but certainly a lot from the Lower Mainland.  This is a very popular area for tourists,” he adds.

Crews were greeted with a huge round of applause once they were able to announce the road was re-opened, many guests are even choosing to stay an extra night.