WHITE ROCK (NEWS1130) – A man from Surrey has been convicted of stealing money from a White Rock not-for-profit coffee shop and several other local businesses.  He has now been sentenced to three years in prison.

Police say the man entered the Small Ritual Coffee shop last month, threatened a staff member with a knife and stole over $1,000 from the till.   He also took over $200 the shop had raised for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Shop Manager Rydee Harding says the man’s demeanor was one of the most upsetting parts of the robbery.  “The way that he robbed our shop was just so calm, like it wasn’t a big deal or like he was detached about it.  Taking that level of safety for granted is really unacceptable and I’m hoping his jail time will teach him that.”

Harding said they were selling shirts to raise the money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  A fellow staff member even cut off all her hair to raise the cash.

Clayton James Norris pleaded guilty to eight counts of robbery in Langley, Surrey and White Rock.