VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Forty-two-hundred scientists are in Vancouver today talking about one subject: Alzheimer’s. It’s the  largest and most important conference of its kind.

With 35 million people affected with the disease, Dr. Heather Snyder, Senior Associate Director of Medical & Scientific Relations at the Alzheimer’s Association says the week-long event will showcase vital information.

“We’re learning the most up-to-date information in diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease, prevention for Alzheimer’s disease and new therapies,” explains Snyder. “Out of this conference in Vancouver, we’re actually hearing about different potential early warning signs.”

For instance, she says, “Yesterday we learned about gait – which is the way a person walks. Change in your stride or the speed of your stride could be an early warning sign of cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.”

In previous years, they have heard about the importance of physical activity in reducing risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Yesterday, a group of researchers spoke about looking at resistance training, like weight-lifting and its potential to reduce risk of the disease.

Since so many people suffer from the disease, Snyder thinks there will always be public pressure for research to continue.
We’ll be checking in with Dr. Snyder on Thursday at the conference, to get a recap of the latest discoveries unveiled over the week.