VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – HIV researchers in BC are hoping you will get tested for the disease. A new ad campaign called Change HIVstory hopes to reach those who might not know they have the disease.

Over three thousand people in BC are believed to have HIV but do not know it, and it’s those people pioneering HIV researcher Dr. Julio Montaner wants to find and help.

“The overwhelming majority of the new infections that we see occurring in the community are driven by infections borne by people who did not know they were HIV infected”

One tool is an HIV test you can take with a nurse with one drop of blood and get results in 60 seconds.

“So think about it this way, if we could test everybody today, the very minimum we expect is that we will decrease new infections by 54 per cent… overnight.”

Montaner says the Highly Active Anti-Retroviral therapy developed in BC lets people with HIV live long lives and dramatically lowers the chance they’ll pass it on to their partners.