ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – A drunk driver in Abbotsford decided to put his car in park to sleep off the booze yesterday afternoon, in the left turn lane in the middle of a busy intersection.

He had two little boys in the car with him.

Cst. Ian MacDonald says the boys were in a very dangerous situation because of the busy traffic in the area.

“One of the boys was his son, and the other one was a neighbours kid, and you would certainly hope that the neighbours, in addition to this man, would learn a lesson from the day’s events.”

MacDonald says thankfully everyone is safe.

“Instead of proceeding, he elected to stick the car in park, and get some rest, either have a nap or pass out, forgetting perhaps that there was an 8 and a 7-year-old in the vehicle with him. Twelve thirty in the afternoon, so it’s a pretty busy corner, lots of traffic.”

His license has been suspended after failing a breathalyzer test, his car taken away and the kids were turned over to a responsible relative.