CRANBROOK (NEWS1130) – Child abductor Randall Hopley returned to court for the second day of his sentencing hearing today, and watched a video of Hopley speaking with the father of the child he took.
Bill Graveland with The Canadian Press was in the courtroom and says the kidnapper had his head bowed, and struggled to hold back the tears while listening to the emotional interview he had with Paul Hebert.

“It was kind of poignant in a way, because once again, Paul Hebert told him that he forgave him, and that he believed that he had not actually sexually assaulted his son.”

Graveland says in the video Hopley maintains he is not interested in children in a sexual way, despite a previous assault on a 5-year-old.

“He said that was in the past, that we would not plan in ever going back there, and at some point, if he had ever done anything like that with Kienan Hebert, he would take himself out into the bush and shoot himself.”
Hopley says he prefers women and likes children, but “not in a sexual way.”