JOHNSONS LANDING (NEWS1130) – An evacuation order has been lifted for two homes in the Kootenays, affected by a landslide that killed four people, ten days ago.

The Central Kootenay Regional District’s Frances Maik says people can now return to sections of two properties in Johnsons Landing.

“One of the properties, the area that’s been removed from the evacuation order, is just bush,” she explains. “It doesn’t make that much difference to that homeowner. But the other property, the area that’s been removed includes their house and its called the Johnsons Landing Retreat Centre that they can now operate.”

She says geotechnical experts are continuing to monitor the situation to decide if it’s stable enough to allow more people to go home.

“Portions of these two properties are outside of any area where the slide is likely to access, even should more material come down the mountainside,” she says.

An evacuation order still applies for 14 properties.

Four people were killed in the first slide, on July 12th.