VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – At a time when AirCare is getting phased out, Metro Vancouver wants to bring it back for diesel trucks. A three month study may show we need it.

“Diesel is one of the most harmful forms of air pollution,” explains Vancouver city councillor Heather Deal, chair of Metro Vancouver’s Environment and Parks Committee. “Especially the very fine dust, the soot that comes from diesel, we know is a serious health concern.”    

Currently, Deal claims there is no consistent monitoring of pollutants pouring from diesel-powered trucks passing through the region, “The province currently stops trucks that have visible smoke billowing out of them and tests them. But there’s no regular AirCare for them at this time and we think there should be in the future.”

“We believe this should be regulated,” she adds. “We believe it should come under the AirCare program. We have requested that from the province.”

The three month study uses high tech Infrared and ultraviolet beams as sensors. As exhaust passes through them, they give a reading of the emissions from semi-trailer trucks, dump trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles. Similar technology has been used by the US Environmental Protection Agency over the last 20 years.

Deal says the $130,000 cost of the study is split among several jurisdictions.

Additionally, Deal and Metro Vancouver is calling for AirCare for regular cars to continue past 2014, extending it to 2020.