VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Are you tired of the airlines making you pay for things that used to be free?

A new study by IdeaWorks and Amadeus looked at 50 airline companies and found that they made a total of $22 billion last year through extra fees such as baggage, meals, blankets, and headphones.

It also found an increase in revenue from fees shot up 66 per cent in just two years.

United-Continental took in the most with more than $4 billion in 2011. Qantas raked in the most on a per passenger basis at about $62 a head.

Passengers at YVR tell News1130 that they are sick and tired of forking over the extra cash.

“Honestly we’re getting nickeled and dimed to death in the travel industry. I travel a lot for my work and it’s outstanding — the fees, the fees, the fees,” says Kerri who travels at least 40 times a year.

Rebecca feels ripped off everytime she flies. “To get across the country is extremely expensive, it’s costing me almost a thousand dollars. So to add on, you can’t give me a pillow or a blanket? It’s not fair.”

Another woman says she tries to avoid paying for anything that is extra. “I won’t pay for lunch, I’ll do without. I don’t want a blanket. So I don’t buy the extra things. I think it’s just ludicrous.”

Many passengers are also angry that they are getting dinged for checking one piece of luggage.