VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you’ve been dreaming about walking a new seawall between Kits beach and Jericho, it seems that dream is a little less likely to come true this morning.

The Vancouver Park board is putting off any decision to even consider the idea.

Speaker, after speaker at Monday’s park board meeting made the case to keep the pristine shoreline in its natural state.

Don Larson says a waterfront walkway would change the area.

“Let’s leave something the way it was here in Vancouver 1,000 years ago.  This is the last bit (of waterfront) that was the way the native people saw it.  It’s a unique thought, but isn’t that really worth something?” asks Larson.  “Do we have to make everything man made?”

A motion to look into the possibilities for a seawall was deferred, after several people drew attention to a board decision dating back to 1994 to keep that section of beach natural.

The board wanted time to consider how that decision was reached.

Concerns were also expressed by the public over reports an anonymous donor has pledged $10-million or more to the project.

“It’s a big problem when the government accepts anonymous donations, even if it’s for a good cause because you never know when a public decision is made, if it’s a favour being paid back,” says Randy Helten.  “Whether it’s a re-zoning, a develpoment permit, or a contract being given.”

Four Vision commissioners supported deferring the decision, but Trevor Loke broke ranks and joined the NPA’s Melissa De Genova, and John Coupar hoping to quash any thought of the seawall entirely.

The Vision representatives who voted to defer suggest other improvements could be looked at to improve access to the area, without harming the rugged shoreline environment.