VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) -  Rows of headstones and memorials are damaged as a result of vandalism at a local cemetery.

Someone walking through the cemetery spotted the damage at around 7 a.m. this morning  in the southeast part of Mountain View.

Close to forty of headstones, grave markers, an Asian Pagoda, had been tipped over or broken, though there was no graffiti.

When police arrived, they noticed empty beer bottles and cans strewn around the Jewish and Asian section of the graveyard.

“The vandals that did this showed a complete lack of respect to the deceased and their families,” says Cst. Lindsey Houghton with Vancouver Police. “We urge anyone who has information about this despicable act to come forward and do the right thing so those responsible can be held accountable.”

Neighbours say teenagers were drinking and partying in the area overnight.

People walking in the area are amazed at the extent of the destruction.

“There’s a bunch of beer bottles around, obviously it’s probably alcohol fueled chaos,” suggests Scott Colin.  “Honestly, it’s tragic, it’s horrible.  That could be my grandma or grandpa in there you know.”

The troublemakers even went so far as to drop part of one headstone on a pair of  grave markers, which smashed them.

A worker at the cemetery who doesn’t want to be named says it will cost at least $1500 dollars to replace each of those, and thousands more to get all the headstones upright again.

He’s not sure who will pick up the bill.