VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s reputation as a world-class training ground is only getting stronger.

Forty per cent of those wearing the red and white in London have ties to our province. Sixty-seven of this year’s athletes are from BC, but a total of 110 spend most of their time in our province.

Wendy Pattenden with the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific says athlete choose to move here because of BC’s world-class training environment.

“It means they have everything they need in terms of giving them every advantage to win,” Pattenden believes. “We’ve got world class coaches here. We’ve got fantastic facilities and as well the sport science and sport medicine professionals that surround the coach and the teams.”

She says BC can also thank Mother Nature.

“Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler, they are magnets for training because of the climate, the conditions, and the natural resources we have here,” Pattenden notes. “Certainly it’s a much easier condition to go train on a lake in Victoria for the rowers then if they were back east.”

She adds world-class athletes act as magnets to attract other top competitors and that BC’s reputation is only growing.