VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A coroner’s inquest begins Monday into the Vancouver police shooting of a man in the Downtown Eastside last July.

Little is known about the case. Vancouver police revealed Darrell Barnes was wielding a machete on Powell Street near Dunlevy in the early evening of July 22. 

Police first fired beanbags at the man, before shooting him.

The BC Civil Liberties Association is looking forward to having some key questions answered. The association’s David Eby says the location of the shooting automatically leads to some concerns.

“Certainly the Downtown Eastside issues of mental health and addiction are very prominent,” he stresses. “Secondly, looking at officer experience levels. Many officers working in the Downtown Eastside are rookies. Are they properly trained to de-escalate conflict?”

He says witnesses could be crucial to the inquest.

“It took place during a busy time of day in the Downtown Eastside,” he says. “It’s quite possible the publicity around the coroner’s inquest will result in additional evidence, including video, coming forward. If you have that information, definitely bring it forward.”

The investigation into the separate fatal police shooting of Paul Boyd was recently re-opened because witness video surfaced only after all the reports in that case were concluded.

The inquest into Barnes’ death is scheduled to last a week.