VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – We could see more murals around Vancouver. A city councillor is trying to make it cheaper for the paint to go up and cover graffiti.

We’re not talking about Chemainus 2.0, that’s the Vancouver Island town that relies on dozens of murals for tourism.

As it stands, Raymond Louie says if you’re putting a regular coat of paint on your house or building, it doesn’t cost you anything, but, “If you do want to paint a mural instead, and this is particularly in situations where you’re painting over graffiti, then you’d have to pay a fee to the city.”
He admits the $250 fee covers consultation with the city to ensure the painting will be accepted in the community.

Louie has asked staff to look into removing or decreasing it, which could pave the way for more walls to be decorated.

“Graffiti has been a problem in our city and we have a number of initiatives to curb it, including murals. So we should be encouraging murals in our city. They certainly do add to the flavour and the diversity of our neighbourhoods,” he believes.

Louie expects to hear back in the fall about how they can streamline the process. Council will then have the chance to take action.

“When we find these things, we try to fix them,” says Louie. “But let us know so we can have a chance to [do it].”