VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A woman working for a self-proclaimed animal rescue group has pleaded guilty to stealing dogs from two backyards in the Lower Mainland. The plea was quietly made late last week.

Louise Reid is the co-director of A Better Life dog rescue. She pleaded guilty on two counts of theft under $5000.

Crown Counsel’s Neil Mackenzie won’t say what sentence prosecutors are after, but suggests the charges are light.

“Well it’s a charge of theft under $5000 and I wouldn’t want, at this point, get to characterizing how Crown would proceed with sentencing or how we’d approach the matter,” he says.
“Sentencing [for Reid] has been adjourned until September 7th at Provincial Court in Surrey,” Mackenzie adds.

Five others accused are still making their way through the courts.

Reid pleaded guilty to stealing a bulldog named Samson from a yard in Coquitlam last year, as well as another dog from a yard in Surrey.

Her group has been campaigning against laws that allow dogs to be tied up outside.