VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Consider yourself warned. Transit Police will be giving riders a heads up on which stations they’ll target when they begin busting fare cheats more aggressively later this year.

It’s all part of Bill 51, the new provincial legislation taking effect this September, which allows officers greater powers to go after fare cheats. They’ll be using a variety of methods to let you know exactly where they’ll be.

“We will be letting people know via Twitter and it will be on our website as to where these locations are,” explains Anne Drennan with Transit Police. “They can also find out by listening to News1130 and listening to your traffic reports on a regular basis.”

“We call it ‘informed compliance’ or ‘inspired compliance’ in the same way that people would find out where a speed trap is or a radar trap is so that people will know that we will be there and we will be looking for tickets.”

As part of the new legislation, Transit Police will also be able to use collection agencies and refuse service to those who don’t pay their violation tickets.

You can also expect the number of locations and the number of officers doing checks to increase, especially in areas where fare evasion has been a big problem.