LONDON, England – The podium push by Team Canada at the London 2012 Olympic Games has Canadians in that city feeling red, white and proud.

Canada won three bronze medals at the 2012 Games on Tuesday — in women’s 10-metre synchronized diving, men’s judo and women’s weightlifting — and a silver medal on Wednesday in men’s eight rowing.  — bringing Canada’s medal count to five medals.

Walking down any street in London, England, and chances are you’ll spot someone wearing a red-and-white Canada shirt or jacket.

“Everyone loves the colours; they’re always commenting on the wonderful jackets,” one Canadian tourist told 680News.

Wendy from Montreal, Que., wrapped herself in the Canadian flag. “It’s really fun to see Canadians also on the street wearing the same colours, and just saying ‘go Canada’,” she said

“It’s so amazing — the atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is so excited,” another woman said.

“Coming here and watching everything and cheering for the Canadian team is fantastic,” said Damon from Saskatoon, Sask.

And where do a lot of Canadians gather to cheer for our athletes? At the Maple Leaf Pub — that’s where Emily, from Toronto, Ont., works as a bartender.

“We have been wild in here. Every day is Canada Day,” Emily said.