VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vancouver had Olympic fever in 2010; now it’s London’s turn. But do the comparisons end there?

News1130 is getting a unique perspective from a man who’s been involved with both events.

Gordon Campbell was BC’s premier when Vancouver welcomed the world two years ago. He now represents Canada in London as our country’s High Commissioner to the UK.

So how does he think the two games stack up?

“One of the things I think is important for people to remember is that the scale of the Summer Olympics versus the Winter Olympics are really substantial,” explains Campbell.

“We had almost 3,000 athletes and coaches; [London has] 15,000 athletes and coaches. We had 10,000 media people; they have 20,000 media people. We had 10, er.. 12 maybe, heads of state; they have 120 coming.”

But it’s not all fun and games, the former premier insists. Campbell is sitting down for more than 20 business meetings while the London games are underway.