Kamloops shot putter Dylan Armstrong finished 5th in the men’s final at the Summer Games today, but the 31-year old from BC’s interior says he’s thankful for the support of his community and country.

“Maybe I’m getting old, I don’t know, ha!” Armstrong joked to the Olympic consortium after failing to crack the top three in his event.

He missed a medal by one centimetre at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
Armstrong needed to throw at least 21 metres and fouled out a few times on his final throws Friday.

“I’m still happy,” he says, thanking Kamloops for its support.  “They’ve given me everything and they’re right behind me.  So it’s nice to have them on my side.”

“I’m 31 years old, fifth in the Olympics.  It would have been nice to get on the podium.  A big thanks to everybody in Kamloops and in Canada for sure.”

In Kamloops, Dino Bernardo says Armstrong’s grandmother and almost 100 other people packed his Commodore Grand Café and lounge to cheer Dylan on.

“Everyone was happy for him,” says Bernardo.  “The fact that he finished in 5th place out of, I don’t know, how many throwers, 60 throwers that are there, is still phenomenal.”

“We were turning people away at the door,” he adds.  “[For the] first time ever, I was sending people to another pub that was doing an event for him.  It was a great crowd and everyone really had a good time.”