VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The sunshine is back, it’s heating up, and you have a three day weekend; it’s time to put the rubber on the road and get driving!

So, where’s your first pit stop? That little fruit stand on the Hope-Princeton route? Ice cream in Cache Creek?

The folks at Maclean’s are collecting and cataloguing your favourite summer roadside stops — the ones you’ve been going to since you were a kid dripping ice cream onto the vinyl of the back seat. Whether it’s the shack where you pick up fresh peaches in the Okanagan or the parking lot picnic table where you gobble down your favourite fires, this is about cherished summertime memories.

“Sure we may look back with rose-tinted glasses… but it’s tied to a moment, the fact you are on the road with family and friends,” says Jessica Allen, assistant editor at Maclean’s.

“Part of every road trip… is that families tend to have their favourite, habitual stops. There are places that they make it a routine to stop at, and these things become engrained; they become lovely memories,” she explains.

Maclean’s is creating an interactive online map from all the pitstops being collected. BC will be well-represented with favourite stops like the Borscht Hut in Castlegar, the D Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous, and the Chilliwack Airport cafe, which serves world famous pie.

“A lot of people have little anecdotes to go along with these essential stops, they just seem to be so personal,” says Allen.

Once it is completed, Maclean’s interactive map will list roadside stops across Canada.

“Hopefully, it will look like a road map; you will unfold it. Then, I’m going to input all these spots, like pin-points. The idea is when you hover your pointer over top, all the information and testimonials will pop up,” she explains.

“We’re hoping to have it up and running by the end of the month, people can send in their submissions by mid-August,” she adds.

If you have a favourite summertime roadside stop, send it by email, leave a comment, or post in on Facebook or Twitter.