VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Smart meter installations are the suspected cause of an unusual number of fires. As a result, BC Hydro wants its customer to know what to look out for.

There have been about 1,000 cases of damaged meter sockets, which are thought to be the cause of the fires.

Cindy Verschoor with BC Hydro says there’s no evidence to suggest that the meters themselves are overheating and catching fire, but she says the sockets the meters plug into are often the culprits.

“We are seeing some cases where there is erosion or damage to the meter socket when we pull off the existing metre,” she says. “If a customer gives us permission to repair that on the spot, we do that.”

She adds says there are signs to watch out for in your home that you are at risk for an electrical fire.

“If someone’s actually seeing their lights flicker on and off, or actually brighten and then go dim again, then that’s a good indication there might be something wrong,” she explains. “They need to give us a call when that happens.”

Verschoor says a recent electrical fire in Mission was caused by an overheated base plate. The woman was devastated after losing her home and the case is still being investigated.