VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It is going to be one heck of a busy weekend for Vancouver Police.

They’ll have lots of officers out on the street keeping an eye on Pride celebrations, but the main focus tonight is the Celebration of Light at English Bay.

“We have hundreds of officers that we’re going to be sending out,” explains VPD Constable Brian Montague. “It will probably be the largest [group] of the three nights.”

He says as much as they’ll be cracking down on any violent crimes, liquor pour-outs, and seizing weapons, they want families to feel welcomed.

“We are there to make sure that families and those that are coming down to the event will feel safe in the crowds. We’ll be highly visible and engaging and greeting people as they come down.”

Montague adds the first two nights of the event have been pretty tame, and they’re hoping for the same tonight.

Judging the fireworks competition

Have you ever wondered what the judges are looking for when they score the fireworks competition?

There are six different things they’re basing their scores on. Those things include size of the show and balance, artistry and how well the soundtrack matches up with the pyro.

Each of those aspect gets a score out of five and those scores get tallied. The country with the highest score wins. But judge Bob Kronbauer with says this year, there’s a new twist.

“The seventh person is you, the residents of Vancouver. You can download the app for your iPhone or your android and vote on each one of the things,” he explains. “It’s kind of like the wildcard and we don’t know who’s going to take it and who’s actually won.”

You can also vote on the Celebration of Light website.

Kronbauer adds the judges don’t always agree on scoring, so the discussions can get a little heated on the panel.

Crews prepare for a dirty weekend in Downtown Vancouver

City clean-up crews are preparing for hundreds of thousands of people and their trash downtown this weekend.

Sanitation crews are expecting to pick up 160,000 kilograms of garbage by the time the weekend is done. But the city’s John Williams says they are trying to get more people to recycle this year.

“We have some zero-waste stations out. We put out 10 in 2011 and they didn’t do so well so we’ve doubled it to 20 this year and made them a little more user friendly,” he explains. “The first night, we ended up with I think 263 kilograms of usable material, which is a great increase over what we have in 2011.”

Williams adds the city is also trying to get to the spectators before the fireworks.

“For this night, we’re going to have the Parks Board staff hand out some ‘Keep Vancouver Spectacular’ bags so that you can actually have a bag right with you. [That way] you can bag your garbage up, and it’s easier to carry to the cart and hopefully that will reduce what we need to clean from the beach and the grass area.”

Crews have also put an extra 220 trash cans throughout the West End.