VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – From Oregon to BC, News1130 told you earlier this week that Vancouver leads the way when it comes to car sharing on the West Coast.

But there’s one way of sharing your ride where we are lagging behind, and where Seattle and Portland could quickly overtake Vancouver.

“Peer-to-peer car sharing — that’s basically where ordinary people can rent out their cars to other people,” explains Clark Williams-Derry is with the Sightline Institute, a Seattle-based think tank.

“It’s basically allowing people to rent out their cars to other people. The car sharing service doesn’t have to own the car, just facilitates transfers and rentals between neighbours,” adds Williams-Derry. “I think [this] is the growing trend south of the 49th parallel.”

In BC, it’s not legal to rent out your car. Oregon had similar laws, which were changed to allow the peer-to-peer car sharing.