VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It was a once in a life time experience for Sasha Nath.

The UBC alumni just got back from her volunteer trip to London for the 2012 Summer Games.

She was one of thousands of Canadians who gave up their time and soak in the Olympics.

Lucky for her, she got to work up close (but not personal) with Olympians at the Athlete’s village, helping them feel comfortable in their temporary home away from home.
“To be part of that, and to be in the centre of all activity, it’s where the athlete’s come to relax and it’s their home for however long they’re there,” Nath explains. “Something as simple as helping them into their room after having locked their keys in their room, is just such a privilege.”

Another highlight for her while on the job was getting to interact with the superstar athletes of the world, who she thinks are no different than celebrities.
“You pass somebody like Michael Phelps on your way to go pick up from another residence centre and you’re like ‘Oh my God’ its Michael Phelps’, and you just casually walk by,” says Nath.

Of course she had a blast, but it’s not the fun memories she cherishes the most.

Lessons on determination and dedication from the Olympians is something that will stay with Nath forever.

“I just have such greater respect now for these athletes, these are people who have dedicated their entire lives to what might just be two minutes of glory,” she adds.

This wasn’t a first for the UBC grad.  She also volunteered at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

“Looking back on it even now, now that I’m back in Vancouver, and it’s a small city, London was so bustling and busy,” she recalls. “The similarities are there in that everyone is excited and there’s such a good atmosphere in the city but the big difference are that is was so big, it’s such a bigger event.”.

Having built up all that experience, she’s hoping to help out at other world sporting events in the future.