VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Prime Minister is making an effort to reassure voters in British Columbia that the proposed Enbridge oil pipeline is not a ‘done deal.’ Polls show that the majority of people in the province who’ve made up their minds about the pipeline are against it.

In the past, Stephen Harper’s government has shown much enthusiasm for the project, saying it would create jobs and generate billions for the Canadian economy. It also criticized Premier Christy Clark after she released a list of demands that she says must be met for BC’s approval of Enbridge, including greater financial benefit for the province.

The two have recently talked about the pipeline in private.

“I’m not going to share with you any private conversations I’ve had with any premier,” he says. “I have discussed this with the premier of British Columbia and other premiers.”

He adds that he wasn’t planning on getting into an argument or a discussion about how Canada “divide(s) hypothetical revenues.”

But the feds seemed to haven softened their criticism of the provincial government in the last week, with Harper’s senior minister in BC slammed Enbridge’s environmental record.

The Prime Minister insists he is not trying to force the pipeline on BC.

“I’ve been very clear that decisions on these kinds of projects are made through an independent evaluation, conducted by scientists, into the economic costs and risks that are associated with the project,” says Harper.

“Our government also, as I’ve said, is and will be making further investments to ensure that we are able to provide surveillance and mitigate any environmental risks that exist,” he added.

Harper says the only way to handle a controversial project like the Enbridge pipeline is to ensure independent, scientific evaluation