NANAIMO (NEWS1130) – A woman holding her two-day-old daughter was punched in the head in the maternity ward of Nanaimo Regional Hospital Saturday.

Her boyfriend — who is the little girl’s father — has been charged with assault.

Cst. Gary O’Brien with Nanaimo RCMP says fortunately, the mom and her kid are going to be okay.

“The mom’s fine, there were no injuries to the mom or the child,” he says. “Of course she was shaken up by the ordeal.”

O’Brien says the woman managed to push her boyfriend out of the room, while keeping the baby safe.

“She had the wherewithal to place the baby in a bassinet and pushed (her boyfriend) out of the room, then he ran out of the hospital,” he explains. “He was taken into custody on charges of assault and breach of probation.”

The dad had been ordered to stay away from his girlfriend when he’s drunk.

The suspect was thought to have been drinking during the argument. The little girl wasn’t hurt and the 27-year-old mother is expected to be fine.