VANCOUVER (NEWS1130)  – There have been many wildfires this season, but luckily not the destruction we’ve seen in years past. Fire information officers are especially concerned by what is sparking them.

Erin Catherall with the province claims the weather, especially when it is hot and dry like recently, is one source of blame.

“Yesterday we did have thundershower activity that moved through the southern region of the province and resulted in 23 fire starts,” explains Catherall. “However the majority of these were spot size.”

But more concerning is the number started by people. Since just last Friday – that number is 38.  Over the summer, there have been 340.

“We’re really encouraging the public to be extra careful when they are in the backcountry and having campfires. Person-caused wildfires do divert critical resources away from naturally-occurring wildfires,” adds Catherall.

Most parts of BC have a high fire danger rating. Though there are areas of both moderate and extreme. Those values could get worse if the weather stays warm and unsettled – which is in the forecast.

If you’re found with a fire larger than half a meter wide by half a meter tall, it’s a $345 fine, which Catherall says they are enforcing.