ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – A 16-month-old girl is expected to be okay after falling out of a second-storey window in Abbotsford.

It happened shortly before 7 p.m. yesterday at a home on Upper Maclure Road near Townline Road. Crews arrived to find the toddler had fallen from the living room window out onto the driveway.

“We came across parents who were trying to comfort their child, who had, in fact, been playing in the living room. At one point, [she] was actually on the coffeee table and after a few pushes, had pushed the screen free,” explains Constable Ian MacDonald.

“Kids are curious. They will go to places that you expect and many that you won’t,” he points out.

The girl is still in hospital, but it appears she only has some cuts and bruises. Her mother was apparently downstairs doing laundry at the time.

Police are once again warning you to do a safety check of your home, adding a tragedy or near tragedy can happen in a split second.