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Beware of thefts at Vancouver gas stations

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Here’s something to think about next time you leave your car to pay for gas at a Vancouver gas station.

A thief is targeting people who are filling up. While people leave their cars ever so briefly at local gas stations, someone is entering those cars and making off with wallets and cell phones.

Vancouver Police have received about ten complaints in the past week.

We spoke to one one driver who isn’t too concerned about the crook. “Honestly, no. It’s the last thing in the world I worry about.”

“I think, for some people, yeah… if you’ve got stuff in your car or whatever, I guess so. I’m not thinking about it, though,” he tells us.

He adds he always leaves his door unlocked and keeps valuables with him and it’s unlikely his habits will change.

But we spoke with Brandon who is somewhat cautious. “If I park on the far side of the gas pumps, I’ll usually lock my door and go inside. But if I’m right beside the door, I can see it and I can run out quickly.”

He’s never had his stuff stolen, but thinks being on the lookout doesn’t hurt.

The VPD’s Brian Montague says so far, there is only a vague description of the suspect. “We are looking for an older man driving a newer-model light-coloured minivan.”

“We are reminding people to secure their cars by locking their doors and rolling up their windows even if they’re just filling up their tanks,” says Montague.

He says gas stations all over the city have been hit.