VANCOUVER(NEWS1130) – A prominent psychologist who is an outspoken critic of theRCMP has been taken off a list of psychologists officers can visit with coverage paid for by the force.

In a statement, the RCMP says it recently reported a series of concerns to the College of Psychologists of BC about Webster.

It says it is “confident that the college will address the issues raised in the complaint and determine how to best to move forward.”

Webster acknowledges his relationship with the force has deteriorated since his comments about the handling of the Robert Dziekanski case.

But he says the latest move to bump him from the ‘approved’ list of psychologists is the result of his belief that officers coming from toxic work environments should not be forced back to work as soon as possible.

“All they do is push, push, push to get this individual back to work. In good conscience, how can I return a person, how can I push along with them to get a person to go back to work, in that context?” he asks.

“Community health care providers see their job as getting members on medical leave back to work. I see my job as helping them feel better and function better.”

The RCMP statement does vaguely refer to the force’s desire to have officers return to their employment as soon as possible:

“The most important thing for us, and quite frankly for taxpayers, is to get our employees healthy and returned to work as soon as possible. We have to ensure tax dollars are going to those services that can accomplish that in the most effective way, and to those who are putting the needs of our employees ahead of any personal agenda they may have.”

Webster has about 30 police clients, and he believes all of them will be looking for a new psychologist.

“They can’t afford to be paying for psychological services, especially when they have been used to getting it covered by the company. They’ve got lawyers’ bills, and they’ve got families.”