VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – In honour of BC Day this past Monday, this week’s Foodie Friday looks at some of the fine ingredients grown and produced right here in British Columbia.
A favourite for food blogger Mijune Pak of is BC blueberries.
One place you can check them out is Krause Berry Farms in Langley.
“You can go there, you can pick your own blueberries, they have a whole café and market there too, selling blueberry pies and blueberry milkshakes that they make fresh on the spot,” Pak explains.
And that’s not all!
“And they have these scones that are just packed with a cup of blueberries in them so you bite into them and it’s just all blueberries.  So, it’s not like your kind of typical scone.  They’re almost like a pizza pocket, but stuffed with blueberries.”
Another one of her favourite BC ingredients is Wild Hawkshaw Salmon.
“[It's] caught by the jawbone and not the gills, so it’s a really sustainable way to catch these fish,” says Pak.
“They’re not gutted on the actual boats…they’re brought back to shore before they’re gutted so they’re really fresh before they’re shipped out to all their prospective restaurants.  If you scout around on menus or ask some of the kind of more upscale restaurants out there, if they have it, you really need to order it, it’s from BC’s Skeena River.”
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