PORT COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – Members of the Port Coquitlam Fire Department are wondering why anyone would steal helmets and other personal effects from one of their trucks.

The theft happened Thursday night, while a team was out attending a bonfire lit by some teenagers.

Each helmet is worth $400, and a pair of expensive sunglasses also disappeared.

The theft meant the truck couldn’t respond to any other emergencies until the equipment was replaced.

Fire Chief Nick Delmonico says team members suspect one of the teenagers swiped the helmets.

“They said a number of kids were walking past them out of the bush. Most people wouldn’t consider doing something like that because firefighters are there to help them in some fashion. I’m assuming some teenagers don’t view them as helpful.”

Delmonico says it’s not something the thief could wear in public.

“The helmets would have ‘Port Coquitlam Fire Department’ written on it. They have a patch on the front that designates the engine or the ladder that they’re riding on. That is somewhat removable. They could actually take that off if they wanted to.”

The fire department, in the meantime, has alerted police about the theft.  If you see a fire helmet, turn it into the fire department.