VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A marketing expert is urging you to not pay too much attention to a Facebook page blasting Canadian cross border shoppers in Bellingham. Our dollars are helping to drive their economy.

Those parking spots we are taking and the debate over milk and other goods we are buying is helping the area, which is still pretty fragile according to SFU‘s Lindsey Meredith.

“Believe me, if the Canadians turned their back on Whatcom County, tomorrow morning you would see an economic mess in there,” he explains. “The vast majority of Americans understand how valuable Canadian dollars are for them. It buys their schools, it buys their police, the list goes on and on.”

He says social media gives people the opportunity to spout off without always having the facts to back up their claims or accusations.

“That is both the advantage of social media and the disadvantage,” he admits. “You get a few idiots out there who really ought not to be looked at or listened to.”