LANGFORD (NEWS1130) – A five-year-old girl knew what to do when her mother collapsed from a seizure on Vancouver Island this morning.

The very afraid youngster called 911 right away like her grandmother taught her, and a dispatcher kept her calm and sent help.

“My mommy fell down in the backyard and she wouldn’t get up!” yells Rebecca to Chelsea Chang, a relatively new dispatcher at RCMP Operational Communications Center in West Shore.

“Hold on a second. I need you to calm down,” Chang tells the scared young girl, asking who else is at home.

Rebecca tells Chang her dad is at work and she is at home with her one and three-year-old brothers.

Chang asks Rebecca if her mom has any blood on her.

“No, no blood on my mom,” responds Rebecca.

“Ok, so have you tried to wake her up?” asks Chang.

“Yeah, but she wouldn’t wake up,” Rebecca says before asking, “You think you can come here?”

“We’re coming and we’re gonna be coming fast,” Chang assures the young girl, confirming the address through the 911 system. “Rebecca, stay on the phone.”

Paramedics arrived soon after Rebecca called.

“Our dispatcher kept this very upset young girl on the phone, gleaning as much information from her as possible,” says RCMP Cpl. Antonio Hernandez. “This call was high risk and emotionally difficult for this young girl, who needed to hear a friendly, calming, and compassionate voice on the phone. She got just that, and together we were able to help her family.”

Mounties say Rebecca’s mother is doing much better.

Transcript of 911 call courtesy of BC RCMP

Dispatcher: 911. Do you require police, fire or ambulence? Hello?

Rebecca: My mommy fell down in the backyard and she wouldn’t get up.

Dispatcher: Ok, hold on a second. I need you to calm down. What did you say, your mom what?

Rebecca: She fell down on the cement in the backyard and she wouldn’t get up.

Dispatcher: Is she up now, or no?

Rebecca: No she’s not up.

Dispatcher: She’s not up?

Rebecca: No

Dispatcher: Ok. How old are you hon?

Rebecca: —

Dispatcher: Fourteen?

Rebecca: No, I’m five.

Dispatcher: You’re five. Is there anyone else home?

Rebecca: Only…and my other brother is one and one more brother is three.

Dispatcher: Ok, is it just your mom, she’s the only adult home?

Rebecca: My daddy’s at work.

Dispatcher: Ok, so it’s just your mom. Can you see your mom right now? Hello? Hello?

Rebecca: What did you say?

Dispatcher: Is your mom still asleep?

Rebecca: Yes.

Dispatcher: So, she’s the one that fell right?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Dispatcher: So she’s on the pavement outside?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Dispatcher: In the backyard?

Rebecca: She’s not bleeding.

Dispatcher: Ok, but is she awake?

Rebecca: No.

Dispatcher: So she fell down, and she hasn’t gotten up?

Rebecca: No.

Dispatcher: Ok. And how many brothers and sisters do you have?

Rebecca: I have two brothers.

Dispatcher: Ok, are they both there with you?

Rebecca: Yeah.

Dispatcher: But there’s no blood.

Rebecca: No, no blood on my mom. And she fell down.

Dispatcher: Ok, so have you tried to wake her up?

Rebecca: Yeah, but she wouldn’t wake up.

Dispatcher: Ok, and she’s still in the backyard, right?

Rebecca: Yeah. You think you can come here?

Dispatcher: We’re coming and we’re gonna be coming fast. What’s your name?

Rebecca: Rebecca.

Dispatcher: Rebecca, hang on a second, Rebecca, stay on the phone.