VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The London 2012 Games have just wrapped up, but how will the way you watch the Summer Olympics change in 2016? Tech expert Akash Sablok thinks we’ll not only see in better HD, but we’ll also have faster video steaming online.

During the London Games, he was using applications on his smartphone to keep up with events on the go. He says the demand is there and the coverage in 2016 will be interactive.

“If you want to see a different angle, you swipe across,” he describes. “You want to see the history of that particular athlete, you push a button and the history will come up of that athlete. It’s just content that’s over and above the actual event.”

The other thing Sablok thinks we’ll see is better technology when it comes to watching events in 3D. “Of course the biggest thing though, is 3D without the glasses. If they can get over that hurdle, we’re going to see a lot more, and I think we’re pretty close to it.”

“I think within four years, we should have quite a few set-tops that are capable of doing that,” he adds.