VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) -  Vancouver firefighters will be once again checking lanes and yards for fire hazards in this hot weather.

People in Vancouver are being encouraged to clean up their properties, since the warmer weather brings a higher risk.

Hotter weather means that old mattress or plywood leaning against your garage is a bigger potential fire starter, be it an accident or arson, says Fire Lt. Carol Messenger.

“Sometimes people may discard a cigarette butt and they’re not really appreciating that it’s quite dry, especially if you’re walking down alleyways,” she says. “Sometimes in our communities we’ll put [out] things like mattresses or furniture or lumber that may be close to a garage.”    

So, clean up your junk, tidy the yard, and don’t put out recycling until the morning it’s picked up.

And, call 911 if you see something dodgy.

Earlier this summer firefighters were dealing with three suspicious fires back to back, so the message is keep your yard clean and maybe install some motion detector lights.