VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Imagine someone being so desperate that they put their baby in a plastic bag and abandoned it on the side of the road.

That baby is now four and a half months old and healthy, thanks in large part to the Canadian group Elite4Africa.

Monty Raisinghani founded part of this group seven years ago and its focus is to bring mentoring programs to children in Canada and now internationally with their work in Nigeria.  

Raisinghani  has been there for two years working as an engineer and volunteering at an orphanage. He says the quality of life in Canada is so rich, so to see the level of poverty his team is witnessing really brings things into perspective.  

He wanted to do something to make a difference and that’s why he first partnered with the Light of Hope Orphanage.

They’re now building a leadership facility where the children can be mentored by the older kids and experience a place away from the orphanage where they can prosper and learn.  

Raisinghani says we have easy access to libraries but the reality in Africa is that only 15 per cent of children will have access to high school and only five per cent will have a chance to go to post secondary school.  

So how do you help these children who don’t have any role models? Raisinghani believes positive mentorship is the way to go.