NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A fire at the North Shore Transfer Station kept crews very busy this morning.

Crews got the call shortly before 8 a.m. that a fire had broken out at 30 Riverside Drive. About 20 firefighters have been working to contain it.

“When we got here, there was quite a bit a bit of flame and heavy smoke inside the transfer station,” explains North Vancouver Assistant Fire Chief Mike Cairns. “The hard part was getting to the seed of the fire because the fire is burned down inside the garbage pile.”

Cairns says the fire caused a lot of smoke, which formed a huge cloud over the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge.

“The fire could have started deep in the pile of garbage so it does create a tremendous amount of smoke.”

Cairns adds they may never know the cause.

“They have hundreds of different loads of garbage coming in here every day. There could be leftover remnants of a barbeque, cigarettes, or it could be spontaneous combustion as well.”

Nobody was hurt in the blaze.