VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Canada is still the worst place in the world for internet throttling even though the CRTC has asked internet providers to stop by the end of this year or earlier.

The top two worst internet companies for throttling are Rogers and Bell, who throttle around 80 per cent of file sharing websites according to an internet research group called Measurement Lab. Shaw is at 22 per cent and Telus throttles just 2 per cent of transfers.
Lindsay Pinto with Open Media says if internet providers actually wanted to stop throttling they could easily do so.

“Honestly in my opinion they could stop very quickly if they wanted to,” explains Pinto. “It doesn’t have to take them a year, it could take them a month. I mean it’s essentially them stopping to engage in a traffic management practice, which is very simple.”

Pinto went on to say most Canadian internet providers own TV networks, so it’s likely they throttle video and file sharing websites to try and get you to watch TV instead.

Rogers said it would stop its throttling practice by the end of this year. As for Bell, it claimed it would stop by March 1st of this year.

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