ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – Fire crews are reminding people to be careful following a late morning grass fire near Abbotsford’s Ten-Broeck Elementary School.

Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Adams says the dry conditions doesn’t help much.

“It doesn’t take much to get a fire started and something like this started by a cigarette butt or anyting like that,” he warns.

Adams adds that trees and shrubs can be very dry and dead in the middle even though they’re green on the outside.

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Helmer urges smokers to use non-combustible ashtrays and advise to never flick cigarette butts onto the side of the road.

The City of Abbotsford regulates all outdoor burning using the Fire Service Bylaw and between June 1st and September 30th, a total burning ban is in effect. This includes campfires, burn barrels and even wood-fuelled burn pits. 

Outdoor cooking is permitted using charcoal briquettes, natural gas or propane fuelled appliances – these fuels are not included in the annual ban.