DELTA (NEWS1130) – It took a crane and the strength of some firefighters to pull a horse out of a muddy ditch in east Delta this morning.

Battalion Chief Mike Richardson says they brought in a crane truck near 105th and 59th Avenue. The gelding was reaching for some compost when he fell into the ditch.

“The crane truck basically lifted and slid it on its side up onto flat ground where it eventually grabbed its feet,” he says.

Richardson says the 16-year-old horse named King was taken in for a checkup.

“He seemed to be okay but they didn’t take any chances,” he says. “They took it to a vet, they were going to use some warm water to bring its temperature back up, but it was walking, it was hobbling a little bit but I’m sure that will work out.”

Richardson says firefighters did a great job keeping the animal calm and safe.