NANAIMO (NEWS1130) – A case of road rage at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Ferry Terminal resulted with one man being arrested.

It was a busy afternoon Sunday with cars lined up all the way to Brechin Hill.

That’s where traffic controllers asked the 65-year-old man to leave the line up because there was no more room for vehicles.

Instead of helping ease congestion, Mounties say he got angry.

“Well, he absolutely refused to leave and (members) explained to me that he had a go.  So, he got in his car and then he pulled onto the sidewalk,” explains Sgt. Sheryl Armstrong with Nanaimo RCMP.  “They’re telling him that ‘you know that  you can’t have your car parked there, sir.’   They asked for his license and registration, which he refused to do, then he took off.”

She says Mounties caught up to the driver minutes later, and after a struggle, managed to stop him as they were worried he was going to hit someone.
“He put his car into gear and tried to drive off.  And again there was a traffic control person 30 feet ahead of him and numerous cars,” says Armstrong. “The (police) were extremely concerned that he was going to run somebody over and so one of the members jumped on his car over top of him and  was able to put the car into park.”

Now, RCMP need help from witnesses to confirm the man’s aggressive outburst. So far, one charge of obstruction has been laid.  

“It’s really important for witnesses to come forward to show the type of behaviour that was happening, the aggressiveness,” adds Armstrong.

She reminds ferry travelers to be patient during these busy times.

“What happened on Sunday, as you can imagine, is a three sailing ferry wait and there’s a humongous amount of traffic.  People are frustrated, no place to go and  I just think he kind of just lost his cool,” adds Armstrong.