VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – ICBC wants you to put down your cell phone when you drive, and it’s hoping ring tones will make you do it.

It’s making six different songs available for free on its website that range from reggae to country.

“The purpose is to get people thinking about not picking up their phone or texting while they’re behind the wheel of their car,” says ICBC Road Safety Delivery Manager Jill Blacklock.  “There’s something for everyone as far as the genre.”

The songs are credited to artists like Hans B Free and Qwerty with titles like “Play Hard to Text” and “Let it Ring Baby”.

It’s not a well-kept secret that they’re not real.

“Dr. Strangelove is a band that used to play at the Roxy and they actually were the band that did every single one of those ring tones,” Blacklock says.  “It’s really impressive to hear what they’re able to do with the different genres.”

The campaign cost $5,000.

You can listen to the ring tones here.