VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) A new strain of swine flu that has been spreading at county fairs in the US is causing some concern on this side of the border.
Children seem to be the most likely to get the H3N2 virus because their immune systems are not as strong, and they come in close contact with the animals at petting zoos at those county fairs.
That, says the Fair at the PNE‘s Laura Balance, is not an issue for them.

“As we’ve moved to more educational based programming in the agricultural area, we haven’t had the petting farm for a couple of years now.”

Balance says there are many hand-washing stations in the agriculture area at the PNE.

The BC Centre for Disease Control is watching out for the strain of flu that has been found in 10 states.
The BC CDC says the new strain doesn’t spread as easily as the virus that made the rounds in 2009, in part because some people have an immunity to it.

One flu expert in the US is suggesting that swine exhibits at fairs should be closed this year as a precaution.