TORONTO, Ont. – It’s that time of year again, when university students head back to class.

Here are some tips on staying healthy during the school season, courtesy of Ryerson University.

  • Wash your hands after touching surfaces and before having a meal. When handwashing, use soap and lather well, concentrating on the knuckles, palms and under fingernails. After drying off your hands, turn off taps with a paper towel or towel

  • In terms of food storage, keep cold-cuts, leftover meats, potato/egg salads, etc., in the fridge

  • Use a closed-lid garbage to throw out used tissues and other germ-filled items

  • Clean surfaces, such as countertops, computer keyboards, phones and remote controls, and other most-used areas, such as bathrooms and eating spaces

  • For those who live on campus, don’t share utensils and wear flip flops in the shower

  • It is important to get at least six to eight hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can weaken the immune system

  • Make sure to get a flu shot, which is free at most campus health centres, the doctor’s office or at public health clinics

  • If you don’t feel well, try to stay away from social places until you feel better. If you have to miss a class due to illness, obtain class notes from a classmate via e-mail