RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Some nasty comments from Americans stemming from our love of cheap cross-border dairy products have started a patriotic backlash.

In typical Canadian fashion, it involves the heavy-handed use of ironic T-shirts!

It started with some jabs on a Facebook page; some local shoppers in Bellingham have been taking potshots at Canadians crowding their Costco, poorly parking their RVs, taking too long in lineups, and buying up all that cheap dairy.

“A ravaging bands of milk devouring maniacs!” laughs Jay McMahon, co-owner of Creative Apparatus in Richmond, who turned one of the insults being tossed our way into a cheeky T-shirt.

“Who doesn’t want to be known as a milk piranha? It’s hilarious,” he shrugs.

McMahon’s shirts are selling faster than skim at Bellis Fair.

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek stab at comments made on that Facebook page,” he says. “I think that the people who made those comments maybe don’t understand economics. I mean we’re helping their economy, that’s a plus for them.”

The red and white “milk piranha” T-shirts sell for $20 online.