VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – One year after Jack Layton’s passing, where is the federal NDP?

All things considered, the party is in surprisingly good shape, according to York University Political Scientist Dennis Pilon. He says the party is a lot more than just the “House Jack Built.”

“Jack was clearly a talented politician but he wasn’t the whole reason that the New Democrats made the breakthrough that they did in the last election.” he explains.

“I think the fact that the party is looking pretty solid right now in the national polls, pretty confident that they’re going to hang on to, well, at least second place in the coming years is an indication of that,” he adds.

But Pilon warns the real test for the party post-Layton will be how current leader Tom Mulcair fares during the next election campaign.

Pilon says so far, Mulcair has put in a good effort in trying to maintain his predecessor’s common touch.