LYNDEN, WA (NEWS1130) – Police in Washington State are strongly suspecting a British Columbian was behind the attempted abduction of a little girl last week.

The encounter happened as two ten-year-olds exited a library in Lynden last Friday. One of them discovered her bike had a flat tire.

A man in a white pick-up then offered to help her. She declined his help, but he insisted, grabbing the bike’s handlebars. Meanwhile, the other ten-year-old decided to go home.

As the man was wrapping up repairs on the bike, he asked her to reach into the truck, to disconnect the bike pump from the cigarette lighter. She was then attacked.

“She was thrown into the front of the pick-up. She’s kicking and screaming. The guy reportedly puts his hands around her throat and tries to quiet her. She then punches him right in the eye. She’s able to get to the passenger door and get away from him,” explains Detective Lee Beld of the Lynden Police Department.

Thanks to the girl’s friend, police have a description of the man, the pick-up, and the type of licence plate on the truck.

“She said the licence plate was plain white with raised blue lettering and the letters and numbers were separated by a symbol, perhaps a BC flag.”

They are looking for a white man in his late 20s or early 30s who is driving a white, mid-size extended pick-up. He was wearing a black T-shirt and white, brown, and black plaid shorts.

There is a distinct gold-coloured cross on the left side of the tailgate.

The victim says there was also a tool box in the bed of the truck, and it’s described as possibly chrome-plated.